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Launch of my new website and identity

24th November, 2015

Its been on my to-do list for a long time but recently I’ve got round to refreshing my online presence.

The above image shows some experimental work I’ve put together for my ‘rw’ identity. Initial versions were not easily readable as ‘rw’ so I went for something a bit clearer.

I’ve had lots of different ideas for my website, but decided on something quite minimal while leaving room for some experimentation. The site builds on experience gained on the last two websites I’ve built (Helier Benn & Paul Cartwright Branding). The site is also on my new server which I had previously set up a few months ago but until now have not hosted anything on yet. The site is definitely a work in progress since there are some performance refinements to be made so not going to heavily promote it just yet…

Expect some more THREE.js and SVG animation coming up next..!