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A web app that lets users create broadcast ready HTML emails without writing any code.

Being a CRM focused agency, The Black Hole created lots of different email campaigns for their clients.  This was often quite a time consuming task both for the designers but also for myself from a development point of view. Often emails would appear to be based on a template but in actual fact there were differences meaning they would often need to be designed and build individually making them quite expensive and time consuming. Because of the growing number of emails being produced the amount of time required to create them all was always increasing.

I came up with the idea to create an online ‘Emailbuilder’ app to completely revamp and streamline how the agency creates HTML emails for a range of clients. This brought together a set of skills from front and back end development, technical sever configuration along with an acute understanding of the challenges faced with creating broadcast ready emails. The outcome was an application built on top of the familiar Wordpress back end, extended to provide designers a modular design approach of creating broadcast ready responsive emails without writing any code.

Emailbuilder has saved countless hours of development time since HTML emails no longer need to be individually hand coded. Development is instead moved to small updates to the system as and when new layout modules and functionality is required. Clients include: Argos, Bennetts, FSB, Westfield Health to name a few.