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moi-monIdentity, web presence, 3D and motion graphics.

This was a Uni project. The project brief was something we could set ourselves – which made the process a bit more difficult. I decided on a clothing label / brand which would give me a few options in terms of deliverables. Also at the time of working with Sustained Records I thought I could approach the idea of getting a sustainable approach to the brand.

At the time of the project, there was still a bit more debate on the causes of climate change. ‘Masters of Illusion’ aimed to be a more alternative environmental brand – creating a more indirect dialogue about an important subject like climate change. All of the visuals were centred around putting everyday life into a more sinister and thought provoking context.


“Street skull” above, which also made it onto a T-Shirt. I designed and printed some label ideas (mocked up in Cinema 4D). When it came to the actual print, I couldn’t find anywhere that would print onto the t-shirt without resizing the design down by quite a lot. It gave me some good experience with working with some different techniques.