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The Role

Contract UI Designer & Developer, Leeds

Software Used

Adobe XD, Sketch, Invision

Technology Used

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS

Key Achievements 

  • Re-imagining landing pages to improve customer acquisitions with dynamic content via modular designs which could be easily translated to multiple campaigns and offers.
  • Building a custom widget in BannerFlow with auto-resizing capabilities making the design of different sized banners much quicker for in-house designers.
  • Streamlining market data in API feeds to make the integration of live odds possible, providing real-time offers for William Hill customers for the first time and for all fixtures, not just isolated campaigns.
  • Prototyping the integration of live odds to display banner within established BannerFlow system.
  • Linking banner offers to pre-populated landing pages¬† enabling customers to place their bets more quickly.

Custom designed and built Live Odds API Banners for clients DCO strategy